Christmas Acrostic Poem

Hi, everybody!
Christmas is coming. Let's be a bit romantic for a change... and write a poem. Actually, an acrostic poem.

An acrostic poem is one where you choose a word or name and use each letter in the name as the beginning of a word or line that tells something about that person or topic.

Example: An acrostic poem using the word "Sun."

Sometimes when we go to the beach, I will get sun burn.

Usually if I put Sun block on my skin, I will not burn.

Noon is when I'm really prone to burning.
Now you do it.
Write an acrostic poem using the word below
. Post it as a comment.
We'll read all of them out to the rest of the class on 22 December. The best one will be awarded a prize...

The word is:


PS: If you feel like, you can choose any words you like and write some more... Don't forget to post them!


Lord Dominik said...

Cold was the day when the Christmas ghost came.

Heck, it was a shame that there was no one home to say »Hey«.

Ron, why are you not home, asked the ghost all alone.

I came all the way from heaven to tell you what just happened.

Some man named Santa asked me to help him carry the presents.

Thanks, but I can't, I said to him, because I promised God something too.

Merry Christmas then, Santa said to me, but I felt sorry and bad.

And then something came to my mind, I turned around and called:

Santa, wait, I'll go and ask Ron, I'm sure he'll help you cheer up the children.

Mary said...


TSC Kranj said...

Celebrating has begun.
Ho ho ho, Santa is singing aloud.
Reindeer in running too fast.
Is rosy Santa frost-bitten or just exhausted?
Something must be wrong with him.
Too much Union Beer, I guess.
Mornings, remember, always bring hangover
And never-ending headaches!
Santa, Santa next time you should drink Fanta!

Aleš said...
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Aleš said...

Chimney is ready for you, dear Santa,

Hurry up with the Christmas presents!

Reindeer is waiting for you,

Ice-blink is showing you the way,

Snowflakes are falling,

Trees are twinkling in the snowy park,

Magic music is all round us,

Angels are singing about you and

Starry Christmas Eve.

shining said...
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shining said...

my two cents:

Can you tell what the future will bring?

Hate growing, faith fading...

Realize what's waiting for you.

It has already begun.

Stop blinding yourself,

There's nowhere to run.

Morning of war will come some day

And black rain will fall one day, it'll make us gone that day..

Sick world of ours... goodbye, goodbye, goodbye...

Nejc said...

Christmas is knocking on our doors

Happiness is in every family

Rudolph is coming back with Santa

I can hardly wait to get the presents

Scholars are happy because on
Christmas they will be home

This year it's going to be a wonderful Christmas

Merry christmas to you all

And I hope you'll get lots of presents

Stay cool.

M!h4 said...
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M!h4 said...

Candles are lit.

Houses are fit.

Ready for Christmas.

Imagining heaps of gifts.

Santa is coming.

Through the chimney.

Magic is in the air.

Are you ready?

Santa is coming.

simonm said...

Computer walks into a cyber store.
Hard disk sees him and jumps off the ledge
Rocking and singing the computer says Ho Ho Ho loudly.
Internet hears him and gives him all information about Christmas.
System crash follows hacking and surfing the net,

The screen is lowering its resolution to zero,
Memory upgrades are falling to pieces.
Addicted to computers the shopkeeper happily enters the shop,
Sees the terrible mess all around and calls Santa for help.

Mary said...

Bravo! You are all fantastic! Did you know about your hidden poetic talent before?

M!h4 said...

Computers rule the world.

Hard drives are full.

Remember the passwords.

Internet is full of viruses.

Santa will bring us software.

There is no tomorow for computer

Modems we need.

Applications we run,

Screens we burn.

Lord Dominik said...

Only writting one :P

Jan Robas said...

Can you see the magic of the night,

Have you ever heard the sound?

Reversing time, you see the light.

It's that time again, shout it out loud,

See the Santa coming our way!

Time has stopped, so we can stay,

Moving slowly for a while.

And that's all I have to say

See the Santa coming our way!

samurai said...

Here's a MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR in acrostics:


M ay you
E xperience God's love,
R ejoice in His salvation!
R eceive Him,
Y our Saviour, Lord -

C hrist Jesus - the Lamb of GOd!
*H ear!
R ound the earth the message:
I mmanuel,
S on of God -
T o us born as Messiah;
M erry Christmas we wish you,
A Happy New Year with hope,
S ing Hallelujah Chorus!

Sing to the tune of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Tune to “You Raise Me Up”=

H ope for a great year
A nd filled with God’s blessings!
P urpose-driven,
P ursue the very best!
Y es!

N ever fear whatever challenge we’ll face!
E xcellence strive for
W ith utmost effort!

Y eserday is gone & tomorrow unsure,
E njoy today, appreciate what God gives!
A lways give thanks in everything allowed,
R ejoice for He knows and holds the future!